2 Design Options

option 1

Designing a New Image

-Designing a new image requires a 200 piece minimum order

-This process requires a 6-8 month lead time

-Secure your boards approval to begin process

-Build a committee of 2-3 advisors to build an image that is tailor made to speak for your cause.

-The design phase can take 6-8 weeks

-A $500 deposit is needed on or before first meeting

-After a design has been approved by your committee we will go through the process to arrive at the final wholesale cost

-Liztech will waive its design fee as a donation to your cause

-Your image will be available to be sold in our Gallery and we do not charge a commission! All funds collected from the sale of your image will go directly back to you and your organization

option 2

Using an Existing Image

-Requires a 50 piece minimum order

-You can choose any image from our current or past line

-The image can be tweaked with simple color changes, stones, and charms

-Build a committee of 2-3 advisors to choose an image that is tailor made to speak for your cause.

-This process shortens the time and costs

-Please contact us to make an appointment to review our inventory to see if we have something that would serve your cause


For more information about the process of creating a fundraising piece or a tour of our studio to meet our very talented artisans please contact us!
Contact Evelyn
{570} 424-5681