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About Us

No one should ever have to compromise quality for design.

Since 1984, Liztech Jewelry has been making collectible, award-winning pieces in our East Stroudsburg, PA studio. Each piece is hand wire-wrapped, stitched, beaded, and sewn together by skilled, local artisans using vintage glass stones. All of our pieces are made with nickel and lead free metals. Like many of the intricate designs we create, Liztech really is one of a kind!

Our Jewelry

Liztech Jewelry was founded in 1984, and through the decades has continued the tradition of creating fine, handmade American crafts with a tireless commitment to community outreach.

The base for our jewelry is a mirrored chrome laminate that will never shatter or crack.

We cut each piece by hand with a scroll saw. Each brooch, cuff, earring, and pendant is

hand wire-wrapped, stitched, beaded, and sewn together using vintage glass stones from the 1930s through the 1960s. All of our jewelry is nickel and lead-free, and constructed meticulously in our East Stroudsburg studio by skilled artisans.

Liztech Jewelry has a permanent guarantee on all of our jewelry. We will fix it or replace it

for free, even if the dog chews it!

Our jewelry is carried in fine boutiques and galleries all over the United States. We love our

customers, and are eternally grateful for your devotion all over the world.

We Thank You!

The Liztech Team

Jill Elizabeth, Claudia, Evelyn, Kasia, Diana, Megan, Marie, Lizzy & Danielle

A handmade jewelry company that
combines American craftsmanship
with cutting edge design.

Jill Elizabeth began selling jewelry at local craft shows at 14, and spent many of her adult years traveling and creating art under its influence. Liztech was born from an earlier moniker, Elizabeth Technologies, eventually shortened to Liztech when she and her husband Scott started the company in 1984. Before Liztech was a company, Jill was already collecting vintage stones; she and Scott actually spent their life savings acquiring an entire lot in the early 1980's. It's many of these stones that are the feature of Jill's designs. When the stones run out, Jill retires the piece and designs something new to honor the history and craftsmanship of these remarkable "gems" from yesteryear.

Jill Elizabeth

Owner & Designer

Over the thirty plus years Liztech has been in business, Jill has designed over ninety pins for local charities alone, and estimates the combined amount of jewelry she's designed is in the thousands.

Since Scott's passing in 2014, Jill joined a small class of successful business women business owners devoted to creating fine handmade crafts made in America. Jill credits her remarkable team for creating the mini pieces of wearable art that come out of their artist studio. Together they have created a distinct, award-winning product loved and collected by fans all over the world.

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